Here is what students, parents, mentors, and colleagues have to say about Mrs. K:


“I just have to thank you for everything you taught me, mainly because I am far ahead of my class with the highest average in 6th grade English.”
-Former 5th grade student

“I can truly say that Katelyn is one of the most creative teachers I have worked with in my 30 year educational career.” 
-Margo Snider

“Thank you Mrs. K. I am hooked on reading, because of you!”
-7th grade student

“With her flair for the dramatic, Katelyn Koppelberger is one of those teachers that challenges students academically and entertains them at the same time.”
-Rene Bernel

 “Thank you for a wonderful Dr. Seuss Day. My son and daughter had a wonderful time. I had fun too. It’s great teachers like you that make this school so great. Thank you again.”
-Parent visiting for Read Across America Day 2011

 “Katelyn exudes the professionalism the teaching field demands, while exhibiting the compassion necessary to work with middle school students…she demonstrates a level of maturity beyond her years.”
-Rob Vigars
Department Head

 “[My daughter] emerges from your classroom beaming, saying that she is working well in your class, and she knows the answers to the questions you are asking.”
-6th grade parent

 “Katelyn’s ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics are truly superior…As a first year teacher, Katelyn has gone above and expectation and has volunteered to take on extra projects to help increase student participation in our school”
-Heather  Cox
Mentor Teacher

  “Katelyn readily collaborates with grade level teachers and intervention specialists, going out of her way to make sure that she understands the learning challenges that her students face and what she can do to help them overcome those challenges. She is truly a ‘team player,’ loved by students and staff alike.”
 -Ms. Simers
Resident Educator Mentor

 “One of the most prominent strengths Katelyn demonstrated during her student teaching was her ability to connect the stories out of the anthology to grade level literature. She used her knowledge of movies, books, video games, and current events to help the class make connections between their lives and what they read, which is so important to comprehension.”
-Lisa Goodwill
Student Teaching Cooperating Teacher

 “Your excitement is awesome! Your voice, even in its normal mode. sounds as though you are perfect for Language Arts. Then when you “go into reading mode” everything comes ALIVE!”
-5th grade parent

  “…and because of Mrs. K,  I like to read. I used to hate reading but since September I’ve read 16 books. Right now, I’m on my 17th book called Eldest which is the second book of Eragon.”
-7th grade student during his “Student of the Month” acceptance speech.

Letters of Reference:

Letter from Margo Snider: PrincipalSnider Letter

Letter from Rene Bernel: Title One Teacher

Letter from Kim Simers: Resident Educator Mentor

Letter from Cindy Steinel: Former Administrator

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