Click on the links below to view lessons and activities from my classroom:

Field Local Schools Teacher Website:
This is where I keep my students and their parents updated on tests and assignments and post my flipped classroom lessons.

Instructional Technology Wiki 
This is a Wiki I created to reflect on my technology use as an educator during the Introduction to Instructional Technology class at the University of Akron.

FACA University: At FACA U Fiction Comes True!
This website was designed by students to prove that anyone can put anything online so you have to be a critical thinker in order to pull out good information.
Please note: this website is still under construction but will be completed by Mrs. K’s 5th graders soon!

Falcon Destination Imagination Blog 
This is a blog I maintain as part of my job as Falcon Academy’s Destination Imagination Adviser.

Poetry Web Quest:
This web quest was used as part of a project-based poetry unit in a 5th grade Language Arts classroom. Students explored elements of poetry and various types of poetry, researched diverse poets, and created original poems.

Math Madness Day:
This Prezi presentation was a collaboration with a math teacher colleague created to introduce a hands-on activity at a school-wide Math Madness Day.

Classroom Management:
This PowerPoint is used to explain the expectations, policies, and procedures in my classroom. It includes a behavioral plan I created for my students based on the scales from the Marzano Lab.

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