Friends Don’t Let Friends Cite Junk

Friends Don’t Let Friends Cite Junk.

OETC 2017 Breakout Session

Session Description

If you are a teacher who is frustrated with your students’ research skills then Friends Don’t Let Friends Cite Junk is the session for you! What started out as a teachable moment turned into an act of rebellion when students learned that anyone can post bad information online…even them! These students became critical consumers of online sources after designing a fake news website of their own and yours can too! You will walk out of this session with everything you need to introduce your students to primary and secondary sources and help them tell the good sources from the junk. Access to Google slides, handouts, a “bad sources” resource website and directions for how to build one with your own students with be provided.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand how students view sources and why that matters.
Participant will walk away with the tools and resources they need implement this engaging activity in their classroom.
Case News Network:  a website made by the students of Case Elementary School in Akron, Ohio to show that anyone can post anything online. Example article: Cupcake Article. See more at FACA University.
Google Slides Presentation: to use on the classroom about primary sources, secondary sources and bad sources.
Sources Cheat Sheet: Fill in the blank notes to accompany the Google Slides plus a filled in version for differentiation and/or to send home to parents.
Newsela Articles on Fake News: a great text set you can differentiate.
The Onion Puppy Bowl Article: Is it real? Is it fake? How do you know?

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus: A fake website students fell for.